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MFM 92.6

The aim of MFM is to provide an entertaining, informative and educational broadcasting service too our audience. MFM broadcasts in Afrikaans, English and isiXhosa.

MFM 92.6 has evolved from the University of Stellenbosch`s previous campus broadcaster, Matie FM. In total, MFM has been `on-air` since the late 1970`s and has undergone numerous changes and developments to come to the place where it finds itself today. MFM today ia a community radio station with a prime focus on the youth bracket from 16 - 29.

Coverage Area:
MFM broadcasts in a 20 km radius pattern, which covers the Setllenbosch area and its rural areas.


Physical Address:
Lagenhoven Sentrum
Victoria Street

Postal Address:
P O Box 3426, Matieland,7602

Telephone: (021) 808-3098
Fax: (021) 808-4814
Email: sm@mfm.sun.ac.za