Rising to the Contagion: NAB CRC Response to COVID-19

07 August 2020 | NAB Members

MEDIA STATEMENT Rising to the Contagion

The NAB Commercial Radio Committee launches its Report on the industry’s response to COVID-19.

The broadcasting industry is playing a critical role in building public awareness and education on COVID-19. Broadcasters have dedicated all available resources to keep their audiences informed and to support government in fighting the coronavirus. This regulated sector is also required to comply with a wide range of ICASA licence conditions, including the provision of public service announcements (PSA’s) on COVID-19. The NAB’s Commercial Radio Committee (CRC) conducted a survey of 20 participating members and developed a report on PSA’s as well as industry initiatives and campaigns in response to COVID-19.

The report which covers the period 28 March to 8 May 2020 is titled Rising to the Contagion and is available on the NAB website at www.nab.org.za

Executive Director, Nadia Bulbulia said “the report provides an overview of the efforts and commitment of the NAB’s Commercial Radio members in curbing the spread of COVID-19, whilst also focusing on helping communities and local businesses during this incredibly challenging time”. An average of 72 790 PSA’s and approximately 32 279 minutes of COVID-19 related content was aired, covering seven official languages across all nine provinces and reaching approximately 12.2 million South Africans. In addition, these radio stations allocated free airtime to various small businesses and non-profit organisations and also raised funds for relief programmes that included the distribution of food parcels

. The report also reflects on the increase in listenership and trust in news and health related content provided by radio broadcasters. Over 15 806 minutes of news and information was aired during the period surveyed. Bulbulia adds that “it’s encouraging to note the impressive strides taken by commercial radio broadcasters during this pandemic in the face of declining revenues…this underscores the value of the public airwaves for the public good”.


Johannesburg, 6 August 2020 For more information please contact the NAB Admin office on 011 326 2444


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Rising to the Contagion: NAB CRC Response to COVID-19 – News



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