FAQs about the NAB

Q: What is the NAB?

A: The NAB is a voluntary association that was created in 1992/3 by South African broadcasters to act as a representative body for the broadcasting industry. The broadcasters at the time included the SABC, 702, Mnet, Trinity Broadcasting and Bop Broadcasting, amongst others.

Q: Why was the NAB established?

A: The NAB was established to provide a unified voice for the broadcasting industry on policy and regulatory matters that was emerging at the dawn of South Africa’s democracy. The NAB supported the founding enabling policy and legislative provisions in the IBA Act of 1993 (Independent Broadcasting Authority Act) and legislation that followed in the ECA of 2005 (Electronic Communications Act) toward the development and sustainability of a robust and diverse broadcasting industry.

Q: What is the NAB’s mandate?

A: To promote a broadcasting system that is grounded in the principles of democracy, diversity and freedom of expression. To create a favourable climate for broadcasters to operate within.

Q: Who are the current members of the NAB?

A: The NAB includes all three tiers of Radio and TV broadcasters (public, commercial and community), signal distributors, media sales units, training entities, as well as industry associates.

Q: What does the NAB do?

A: The NAB represents the interests of regulated broadcasters on all matters that impact on the sustainability and viability of a robust broadcasting industry. It makes regular policy and regulatory submissions and also represents its members on a wide range of forums and industry processes. It is a forum for broadcasters to convene on issues of common concern and interest.

Q: What is the relationship between the NAB and BCCSA?

A: The NAB established the BCCSA in 1993 as a self-regulatory mechanism to administer a Code of Conduct for NAB member broadcasters. The BCCSA was recognised by the former Broadcasting Regulator (IBA) and is also recognised by the current regulator, ICASA. Broadcasters who are members of the NAB are signatories of the BCCSA Code.The BCCSA’s adjudicative independence is sacrosanct.



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