Australian radio expert to assist NAB in local content hearings

01 May 2001
Martin, a president of the Federation of Australian Radio Broadcasters for four years as well as chairman of numerous radio stations, has extensive experience in radio and in the development of local content rules.

Australia is generally credited with having regulated local content effectively. Over the last five years, consumption of domestic repertoire in Australia has grown by 69 percent.

Martin will address ICASA on the history of the Australian music quota and its development from a uniform quota to the present variable quota which ranges from 5 – 25 percent, depending on each stations’ format.

ICASA is planning to amend the current local content rules which stipulate 20 percent South African music on radio and between 5 and 50 percent on television. Many broadcasters fear that the quotas will be raised to an unsustainably high level.

Through the NAB, radio stations have argued that variable quotas should be set which take into account the level of South African music produced in each format.

The NAB will be hosting a question and answer session with John Martin on Thursday 10 May from 2 – 4pm. NAB members interested in attending should RSVP to Lois on (011) 886 9560 by Wednesday 10 May.

The NAB’s presentation to ICASA takes place on 11 May at 12:00 at the ICASA offices. All ICASA hearings are open to the public.



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