Commissioning procedures for independently commissioned content

04 August 2009

The Authority published in Government Gazette number 32338, on 19 June 2009:


1. Its position paper on the commissioning of Independently Produced Programming, which was preceded by a discussion document in this regard;
2. Its draft regulations for the Commissioning of Independently Produced Programming. The draft regulations and the position paper were open for public comment no later than 04 August 2009.


In the position paper, the Authority provides an analysis of the written and oral representations that were made to the discussion document, and subsequently outlines its findings and recommendations based on the analysis. In its findings the Authority acknowledges that self-regulation is ideal, but it however feels compelled to make regulations pursuant to section 61(1) of the ECA. The NAB was satisfied with the outcome of the discussion document together with the draft regulations, hence the nab did not submit any written representations.



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