04 July 2003
Mr. Mjwara said that South Africa should have a broadcasting system that allows us to exercise our sovereign right to showcase who we are. The broadcasting industry also needs to stay relevant in an global environment that is faced with technical changes and globalisation. He identified three main challenges that Government believes the broadcasting sector should be dealing with. Firstly, that the broadcasting industry has no choice but no modernise. The migration to digital broadcasting will help to meet universal access, cultural and social needs.

Secondly, the `networked content industry` needs to be well positioned in a global market and this would require more broadcasters in all tiers of broadcasting.

Lastly, the broadcasting industry is faced with the need for training and development in new technologies and multi-media. The building of capacity in these areas are crucial for the continued existence of the broadcasting industry. Mr. Mjwara stated that it was important to meet these challenges head-on and move to a knowledge based society. He stated that the Department of Communications has addressing these challenges by prioritising the following projects:

- The development of a digital network

- The development of long-term policies for digital broadcasting

- The restructuring and corporatisation of the SABC

- The re-positioning of Channel Africa

- Focussing on content development and production



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