04 November 2003
What is significant about these Regulations is that the definition for low power sound broadcasting services as contained in the Regulations differ from the definition contained in section 1 (xxxi) of the Broadcasting Act by excluding public low power sound broadcasting services. It seems to be ICASA`s intention not to licence such services in future. The Regulations make provision for commercial and community low power sound broadcasting services only.

Of further significance is the limitation on advertising and sponsorship contained in the Regulations. Currently only commercial television services have such limitations contained in their licence conditions. The provision limits advertising to a minimum of eight minutes and a maximum of fourteen minutes per hour.ICASA`s intention with setting a minimum is unclear as this puts pressure on a low power sound broadcaster to ensure that at least eight minutes per hour is dedicated to advertising. Failure to do so constitutes a contravention of the Regulations as they currently read. This is very difficult to achieve for any broadcaster, especially during late night and early morning hours. Setting a minimum for advertising time does not make sense and could set a precedent for such future regulations for commercial, community and public radio.



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