ICT job summit planned for June

18 April 2002
The holding of sector summits was one of the decisions agreed upon at the 1998 Presidential Jobs Summit. The focus of sector summits is on job creation and retention, HR development, labour relations, conditions of employment, productivity improvement and export promotion.

The summit will have a broad focus. Some of the objectives listed in the Department of Communications’ issues paper are as follows:
 Development of a broad strategic framework for the South African communications sector within a global framework;

 Identification of the key components of the sector and their inter-relationship;

 Recognition of international trends and benchmarks and the implications for the South African environment; and

 Review of existing policies, regulations and legislation and potential amendments.

The DOC also states that “There is…a very real need to navigate the future of this vibrant communications sector. We need to combine the collective expertise in the country, address those and other key issues, and develop an integrated strategy for the sector that can come under constant review over the next five years. The ideal forum to do that is a National Sector Summit with the involvement of all stakeholders, unions, civil society and government”.



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