NAB chair speaks out on ‘needletime’

01 June 2001
Abrahams stated that in spite of the divisions which have characterised the debate on amendments to the Copyright Act, which would see broadcasters having to pay an additional royalty to producers and performers, there is consensus on the goals we all wish to see achieved, namely:

 Just remuneration for our artists
 A healthy and thriving local music industry

Abrahams argued that these goals could only be achieved if the following is guaranteed:

 That the viability of the broadcasting industry is not threatened
 That the recording industry invests in local music
 That collection agencies are efficient, independent and transparent

“In essence, these are the three legs of a successful strategy for achieving our goals. If any one of these legs falls, the whole strategy fails” said Abrahams.

Abrahams pointed out that the current legislative amendments do not take these issues into account in any substantive way.

“It is therefore our view that in order to engage more fruitfully on these issues, a more detailed and comprehensive set of proposals must be considered” said Abrahams.

It is hoped there will be further consultation on the ‘needletime’ amendments when the parliamentary portfolio committee on trade and industry considers the legislation this year.
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NAB chair speaks out on ‘needletime’ – News



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