NAB makes alternative proposal to needletime

25 October 2001

Introducing the proposal, NAB chairperson Randall Abrahams noted that ?the discussion on needletime has unfortunately become an increasingly polarised one, with different interest groups tending to adopt intractable positions?.

Abrahams reiterated the commitment of broadcasters to rather focus on solutions.

"What we wish to focus on is a potential solution to a problem we all recognise, namely the plight of South African musicians," he stated.

The NAB argued that unlike the needletime amendments, the NAB?s proposed solution will provide significant, long-lasting and tangible benefits to all stakeholders including South African performers and recording companies.

In its submission, the NAB made detailed suggestions on the constitution and structure of such a fund as well as its beneficiaries and projects.

In a subsequent meeting of the portfolio committee on 17 October, it was decided that the various submissions on needletime should be considered further and that the legislative amendments would therefore not be considered by parliament in this session. The amendments are expected to be considered again in early 2002.



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