NAB Update on Radio Audience Survey Process

28 February 2014

NAB cancels initial Request for Proposal to provide input on the development and design of a new South African Radio Audience Survey, and appoints independent specialists ‘Yardstick’ to manage the process going forward.
On 4 October 2013 the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to provide input into the “development and design of a new South African Radio Audience Survey”.
On reviewing the requirements of the original RFP, the NAB has agreed that the terms of reference need to be expanded. Due to the importance of this process, the NAB has therefore taken the decision to cancel the current RFP process and re-issue this request.
The NAB has contracted the services of Yardstick, an independent consultancy with extensive experience in the facilitation of tender and procurement processes, and the process is already underway to issue a new tender for the Radio Audience Survey. The detailed process to be followed will be finalised shortly and will be spelt out in the Invitation to Tender.
All interested parties that made submissions in response to the initial 2013 RFP have been notified of this decision and have been requested to collect their un-opened submissions from the NAB.
The NAB apologises for any inconvenience caused and is committed to ensuring a fair and transparent tender process going forward. To this end, the NAB will be engaging with marketers and key stakeholders for the duration of this tender process. For any further information, please contact Robin Mailer at Yardstick on 021 914 9777 or email
Dated 28 February 2014



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