03 July 2003
The stated objectives of these summits are to encourage discussions on:

- South African broadcasting needs from cultural, demographic and geographic perspectives;

- how to reflect South African culture, national identity and nation building;

- the role of public, commercial and community broadcasters in meeting public broadcasting needs;

- developing a shared vision for the development of South African content; and

- developing broad policy guidelines for government to support and nurture the broadcasting industry.

The department of Communications has set the following as the envisaged outcomes of the National Summit:

- A Charter and policy proposals to guide the broadcasting industry.

- List of policy recommendations that will guide the Regulator in its licensing process.

- Effective implementation strategies for the support, development and sustenance of a viable South, African production industry.

- Participation by members of the public, private organisations as well as civil society in the process of shaping broadcasting and its content in South Africa.

- Cultural and language objectives for broadcasting services.

- Funding Mechanisms for local content development and broadcasting services in the eleven official languages.



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