National Reconciliation Day

15 December 2022 | South African Government

South Africa will mark National Reconciliation Day on 16 December 2022 to focus on promoting social cohesion, healing, unity, nation-building, and renewal.

This year’s Reconciliation Day will be held under the theme “National Unity, Healing, and Renewal”.

National Reconciliation Day was adopted at the start of our democracy when it was envisioned that reconciliation, peace and stability would be a defining character of our new democratic dispensation. Each year we have an opportunity to reach out to one another to deal with our past, reconcile and build a new nation.

This vision of a nation reconciled is embedded in our democratic Constitution. In South Africa, we not only commemorate Reconciliation Day but also dedicate the entire month of December to reconciliation.

Reconciliation Day 2022 | South African Government (



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