Portfolio committee approves needletime legislation

23 January 2002

The bills will now be debated by the National Assembly after parliament opens in mid February.

After this they will be considered by the National Council of Provinces’ Select Committee on Economic Affairs and will then be debated by the National Council of Provinces before being sent to the President to be signed. Needletime refers to the payment of a royalty for the broadcast of a sound recording to a performer and the owner of copyright in a sound recording.

Representing broadcaster’s interests, the NAB has suggested that the introduction of needletime is not the most appropriate option available, arguing that it will provide only marginal benefit for South African musicians and that a substantial percentage of funds collected will flow outside the country.

Commenting on the latest developments, NAB chairperson Randall Abrahams said “Obviously this is a disappointment to the broadcasting industry. We now hope that the final regulations will minimise the negative impact this law could have for broadcasters”.

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Portfolio committee approves needletime legislation – News



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