South Africa Celebrates Human Rights Day

19 March 2021 | Penelope Msebele

South Africa celebrates Human Rights Day

On this day we celebrate Humans Rights Day under the theme: “The year of Charlotte Maxeke- Promoting Human Rights in the age of COVID-19”.

21 March is annually declared to commemorate and honour those who fought for our liberation and the rights we enjoy today.

The Bill of Rights preserved in our Constitution is the cornerstone of our constitutional and representative democracy.  It sets out the rights of all people in our country in enduring affirmation of the democratic values of human dignity, equality, and freedom.

Human Rights Day in South Africa is historically connected with 21 March 1960 and the events of Sharpeville. On that day 69 people died and 180 were wounded when police opened fire on a peaceful crowd that had gathered in protest against the Pass laws. This day marked as a declaration by ordinary people, rising in unity to proclaim their rights. It became an iconic date in our country’s history that today we commemorate as Human Rights Day as a reminder of our rights and the price paid for our cherished human rights.

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