Substantial broadcaster support for South African Music Week 2001

25 October 2001

The stations gave away over R1.4m in airtime for promotional spots in support of South African Music week. Over R100 000 was made available in the form of sponsorship of South African music events. The NAB found that amongst the fifteen stations, 216 interviews on the subject of South African music week were broadcast and over 150 competitions promoting South African music were held during the week.

The results of the survey show that stations devised innovative ways to promote the week.

As well as devoting airtime, a community radio station operating on a university campus promoted the week through posters on campus and its website and also partnered with the campus newspaper in publicity strategies.

A national commercial radio station held "unplugged" sessions with South African artists, invited artists to co-host shows and held live outside broadcast events.

A regional station hosted a music conference the aim of which was to enlighten emerging artists about various aspects of the music business.

NAB chairperson Randall Abrahams congratulated radio for their efforts and stated that "the results demonstrate that radio is committed to its role as a significant promotional vehicle for local music not only through airplay but also through sponsorships and interviews."



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