Public Service Broadcasting Bill

15 January 2010


On 28 October 2009, the Department of Communications (the Department) published in Notice number 1409 (the Notice), Government Gazette number 32663, the Public Service Broadcasting Bill (the draft Bill), the Charter of the Corporation (the draft SABC Charter) and the Charter of Community Broadcasting Services (the draft Community Broadcasting Charter). This Notice was preceded by the drafting of a Public Service Broadcasting Discussion paper (the discussion paper) by the department, on 20 July 2009, in government gazette 32420, Government Notice 755 of 2009 (the first Notice).The draft Bill seeks to among others amend the Broadcasting Act 4 of 1999. After the public consultative process has been concluded, the department will table the draft Bill before cabinet for approval into a Bill. It is envisaged that the parliamentary process will follow thereafter. The NAB welcomed the publication of the draft Bill, the NAB however does not support the draft Bill in its current form, and believes that a lot of work still needs to be undertaken to transform the draft Bill into a workable piece of legislation. The NAB submitted its written representation to the draft Bill.



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