The NAB members attest to the value they have derived over the years. In a recent perception survey commissioned by the NAB (done by an Independent Research Company), members and external stakeholders had the following to say:


“…a good lobby based organisation with influence and a pressure group in the media sector” 


“Has a strong ability to network with various broadcasters through senior or executive industry members” 


“It is a well-run administration with broad representation and expertise; have 
a good understanding of the broadcasting industry and are a forum for industry role players to learn, network, lobby and collectively influence”


“Have good industry and regulatory knowledge and are honest, reliable and provide useful information”


“A neutral organisation that does not lean towards any particular company/technology/constituency and allows fiercely competitive companies to come together for a common cause”


“…the NAB provides an environment where broadcasters can engage and develop a consensus view on industry matters; and has the greatest propensity to speak as one voice despite its members' individual interests. Proactive with regulatory and policy issues; operates independent of regulatory authorities and is efficient”


“Has a professional team on board that understands the media sector and able to maintain staff and creates stability for the members”


“Understands the ever-changing regulatory environment”


“Unites broadcasters. There is no other real platform where broadcasters can meet and motivate to change issues that affect them all”

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