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NAB Future of Broadcasting

The key is to define your business properly and not confuse it with the medium - broadcasters provide video or audio content over any ´┐╝network, anywhere, anytime.

NAB report on the Future of TV and Levy Proposal - Television landscape to 2014

How the television landscape has changed and will change in the short-term past and future.

Amendment of the Electronic Communications Act 36 of 2005

The NAB participated in oral representations before the Portfolio Committee on Communication on 29 October 2007.  On of the key issues broadcasters objected to was the inclusion of the definition of “public entity” in the Bill. Including the definition of public entity in the Amendment Bill would give unintended results, as the NAB believed it is not the intention of the DoC to have all entities listed under schedule 2 and 3 of the PFMA to be governed by the EC Act.

NAB Submission to ICASA on the Position Paper on Ownership and Control

ICASA published its Discussion Paper on the Review of Ownership and Control of Broadcasting Services and Existing Commercial Sound Broadcasting Licences in Notice 1825 published in Government Gazette 23873 dated 30 September 2002 (“the Discussion Paper”).

Presentation on local content

The NAB focused on broadcasters’ commitment to local content, what ese should be done in addition to a quota and whether there are sufficient reasons for raising the quotas

Presentation on Community Radio

Although community radio has led the way in opening up South African airwaves, the sector has been beset by troubles. The difficulties in becoming financially sustainable have been compounded by the regulator’s resource constraints



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