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Digital Migration

What you need to know about Digital Migration

Television broadcasters together with signal distributors in South Africa are gearing up to switch over to digital broadcasting. These are exiting, yet challenging times for the broadcasting industry. Viewers being the key stakeholder in this process, need to be kept up to date with the process, and should as a result be well informed about the process going forward. In order to gain more insight on what is happening, when, and how, a section of frequently asked questions has been prepared.


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Digital Migration made easy

Case Study: The State of Digital Broadcasting in Brazil

The National Association of Broadcasters has appointed Farncombe Strategy, a UK based consultancy with extensive ties in the Brazilian market, to compile an independent report on the status of digital television in Brazil. The NAB commissioned this report in view of the South African government reviewing its 2005 decision on the DVB-T standard and its consideration of other standards such as the ISDB-Tb standard used in Brazil.


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Case Study: The State of Digital Broadcasting in Brazil


About the NAB

The NAB is a non-profit organisation funded entirely by its members.  We regularly engage with policy makers on behalf of our members in order to promote an industry grounded in the principles of democracy, diversity and freedom of expression.


Over eighty organisations belong to the NAB and hundreds of individuals working in broadcasting and associated industries involve themselves in our activities. The NAB therefore has access to a wealth of knowledge on broadcasting in South Africa and as such, is able to advise members on a variety of issues.


The NAB provides high quality information on latest developments in the industry concerning the Regulator, ICASA, Government and Parliament.


We also interact with our other stakeholders including advertisers, agencies, producers and performers in order to optimise South Africa’s cultural and communications industries to the benefit of all.



NAB appoints local and international consultants to manage the tender process of a New Radio Audienc

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) has appointed local consultancy, Yardstick, to manage the Invitation to Tender (ITT) process and international expert, Roger Gane, to provide technical input on the development and design of a new Radio Audience Research Survey.  This will not only ensure the fairness of the tender process but will develop specifications to international standards.

The NAB is committed to ensuring a fair and transparent tender process and to this end, key stakeholders, including marketers and media agencies, will be consulted for the duration of the process. This will safeguard the interests of key stakeholders and provide a robust and independent outcome.

On reviewing the requirements of the NAB’s initial Request for Proposal (RFP) in November 2013, the NAB subsequently decided to expand the terms of reference.  Due to the importance of this process, Yardstick has been appointed to consult with stakeholders and develop and facilitate the new tender process. All interested parties who made submissions to the initial process have been notified of this decision and were requested to collect their un-opened submissions from the NAB. The new RFP and ITT process will be published in due course.

Founded in 1988, Yardstick is an independent consultancy specialising in the provision of measurement and assurance services to the marketing and communication industry with extensive experience in the facilitation of tender and procurement processes. Yardstick ensures that clients have access to highly skilled and experienced resources as well as latest industry trends and best practice.

Yardstick has developed proprietary tools and processes to assist and guide companies through the process of selection and appointment of suitable service providers.  This has been well received by the marketing and communication industry – corporate companies and agencies alike – as it enhances transparency, credibility and good corporate governance.

Gane a UK based Research Consultant with extensive experience with RSMB, Ipsos Media (now MediaCT), RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research Ltd), AGB Research Group and AGB Television International.

Gane’s experience in market and media research includes the initial development of the AGB (now Kantar) TV peoplemeter services and securing RAJAR’s standing within the UK audience research community.  At Ipsos Gane was responsible, technically and commercially, for the company’s contracts with RAJAR, at BARB (Broadcasters Audience Research Board) for the Establishment Survey,  he contributed to the NRS (National Readership Survey - newspapers and magazines) and worked with RSMB, a specialist audience research company.

He was technical judge for IPA’s Advertising Effectiveness Awards, is the current chairman of the ASI, a European conference on developments in radio and radio audience measurement and member of the Market Research Society. He is retained as Research Consultant to the RadioCentre as their representative at technical and board meetings of RAJAR, and is involved in the development of the current system in future electronic measurement practice. Gane has also had exposure to the South African radio landscape as he was appointed by SAARF in 2013 to conduct an audit on RAMS, the current radio audience currency.

Guided by Gane and Yardstick, the detailed tender process will be finalised shortly. This will be published in the next couple of months. The NAB is indebted to research entities and to other stakeholders for their continued interest in this process.


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NAB Update on Radio Audience Survey Process

NAB cancels initial Request for Proposal to provide input on the development and design of a new South African Radio Audience Survey, and appoints independent specialists ‘Yardstick’ to manage the process going forward.
On 4 October 2013 the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to provide input into the “development and design of a new South African Radio Audience Survey”.
On reviewing the requirements of the original RFP, the NAB has agreed that the terms of reference need to be expanded. Due to the importance of this process, the NAB has therefore taken the decision to cancel the current RFP process and re-issue this request.
The NAB has contracted the services of Yardstick, an independent consultancy with extensive experience in the facilitation of tender and procurement processes, and the process is already underway to issue a new tender for the Radio Audience Survey. The detailed process to be followed will be finalised shortly and will be spelt out in the Invitation to Tender.
All interested parties that made submissions in response to the initial 2013 RFP have been notified of this decision and have been requested to collect their un-opened submissions from the NAB.
The NAB apologises for any inconvenience caused and is committed to ensuring a fair and transparent tender process going forward. To this end, the NAB will be engaging with marketers and key stakeholders for the duration of this tender process. For any further information, please contact Robin Mailer at Yardstick on 021 914 9777 or email robin@yardstick.co.za
Dated 28 February 2014
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13 February 2014 is World Radio Day!

Radio continues to play a significant role in informing, educating and entertaining citizens across the country and the globe. The NAB joins in celebrating World Radio Day as South Africa marks 20 years of democracy, and 20 years of a vibrant and robust three tier system of broadcasting.




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MDDA - Sanlam Local Media Awards - last few days to enter

It is only two days to the final deadline for entries to the 2013 MDDA-Sanlam Local Media Awards, which will be tomorrow Friday, 14 February.

For more information and entry forms, please visit www.sanlam.co.za or www.mdda.org.za.

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South African Broadcast Industry

Gross advertising revenue for South Africa’s broadcasting industry is estimated to have increased in value from just over R2 billion to close to R8.5 billion between 1994 and 2000. This growth reflects massive transformation in the industry.



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