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Digital Migration

What you need to know about Digital Migration

Television broadcasters together with signal distributors in South Africa are gearing up to switch over to digital broadcasting. These are exiting, yet challenging times for the broadcasting industry. Viewers being the key stakeholder in this process, need to be kept up to date with the process, and should as a result be well informed about the process going forward. In order to gain more insight on what is happening, when, and how, a section of frequently asked questions has been prepared.


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Digital Migration made easy

Case Study: The State of Digital Broadcasting in Brazil

The National Association of Broadcasters has appointed Farncombe Strategy, a UK based consultancy with extensive ties in the Brazilian market, to compile an independent report on the status of digital television in Brazil. The NAB commissioned this report in view of the South African government reviewing its 2005 decision on the DVB-T standard and its consideration of other standards such as the ISDB-Tb standard used in Brazil.


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Case Study: The State of Digital Broadcasting in Brazil


About the NAB

The NAB is a non-profit organisation funded entirely by its members.  We regularly engage with policy makers on behalf of our members in order to promote an industry grounded in the principles of democracy, diversity and freedom of expression.


Over eighty organisations belong to the NAB and hundreds of individuals working in broadcasting and associated industries involve themselves in our activities. The NAB therefore has access to a wealth of knowledge on broadcasting in South Africa and as such, is able to advise members on a variety of issues.


The NAB provides high quality information on latest developments in the industry concerning the Regulator, ICASA, Government and Parliament.


We also interact with our other stakeholders including advertisers, agencies, producers and performers in order to optimise South Africa’s cultural and communications industries to the benefit of all.



NAB encouraged by level of interest in RFI on new Radio Audience and Currency Survey (RACS)

Following the NAB’s request for information (RFI) published on 1 June for companies interested in tendering for a new Radio Audience and Currency Survey (RACS), a clarification meeting was held on 9 June at the SABC.  Twenty-three interested companies attended the clarification session.
The current RAMS contract ends in December 2014 and the NAB, through marketing tender facilitators Yardstick, has initiated the tender process to award a new contract for a credible and, robust radio audience and currency research survey. The new RACS contract will be for a period of five years.
The contract is for the design, development and implementation of a South African radio audience and currency survey. The survey’s intended use is for target marketing and as a currency in the buying of radio media and time. The survey must also assist media owners to carry out strategic editorial and programme planning. It is therefore of the utmost importance that the new survey delivers stable, accurate, and consistent data.
The first phase of the tender process is an invitation to submit information for pre-qualification to tender for the RACS contract, and closes on 27 June 2014 at 12pm. The second phase of the tender process is the request for proposals (RFP). At the end of phase one a shortlist of a maximum of five companies will be invited to submit detailed proposals. The shortlisted companies going forward to the RFP stage will be announced by the NAB on 11 July 2014. Phase two will commence on 21 July with a detailed briefing session. The process will be rigorous and the NAB expects to award the tender in November 2014.
For further information on the tender process, please contact Mr. Robin Mailer at Yardstick, contact number +27 21 914 9777, mobile +27 83 299 6649, email: robin@yardstick.co.za or rowen@yardstick.co.za
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The NAB and SAARF negotiating an extension of AMPS into 2015

In considering the best interests of the media and marketing sector, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and the South African Audience Research Foundation (SAARF) have collaborated in order to ensure that the All Media and Product Survey (AMPS) contract is extended to 2015.
The current AMPS contract comes to an end in December 2014. The Establishment Survey is the media industry’s accepted future media audience research model that will replace AMPS. To ensure a smooth transition to the Establishment Survey, it has been agreed, in the interest of the industry, that the AMPS contract be extended.
Continuous consultation between all stakeholders is taking place to ensure continuity and stability of the industry research and all stakeholders are committed to the AMPS contract being extended. AMPS will be streamlined during 2014 through a series of workshops based on the findings from the online-survey component of the Future Proofing project.
“Collaboration among the media and marketing industry who are seeking uninterrupted, stable and credible research on which to base marketing and advertising decisions is necessary. It will undoubtedly benefit all stakeholders,” says Ingrid Louw, CEO, Print and Digital Media South Africa (PDMSA), the association for newspaper and magazine publishers.
“The NAB is encouraged by industry stakeholder support for the extension of the AMPS contract.  It allows the necessary time to facilitate a transparent and seamless changeover to the Establishment Survey, and most importantly for access to a viable media currency without any gaps,” says Nadia Bulbulia, Executive Director of the NAB.
According to Ettiene van den Berg, CEO, SAARF, “This provides the industry and stakeholders with time to review options, to negotiate and determine the best way forward. Collaborative discussions will address all stakeholder concerns and the transitional phase into the Establishment Survey is expected to produce a new vision and robust business model that will respond to stakeholder requirements.”
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* PLEASE NOTE * Request for Information (RFI)

Please find herewith the correct link for the SAARF RAMS Technical Report
Page 20 of 43 of the Invitation to Submit Information (Annexure C) contains several web links that provide technical descriptions of the current service.  The published web link for the SAARF RAMS Technical Report is incorrect.

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Request for Information (RFI)

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) invites suitable companies to submit information for pre-qualification to Tender for a Radio Audience and Currency Survey

REF NO: BRC001Radio

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South African Broadcast Industry

Gross advertising revenue for South Africa’s broadcasting industry is estimated to have increased in value from just over R2 billion to close to R8.5 billion between 1994 and 2000. This growth reflects massive transformation in the industry.



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