The NAB is a voluntary association funded entirely by its members.

We regularly engage with policy makers on behalf of our members in order to promote an industry grounded in the principles of democracy, diversity and freedom of expression.

Over eighty organisations belong to the NAB and hundreds of individuals working in the broadcasting and associated industries involve themselves in our activities.

MEMBERS ONLY: for a copy of the NAB annual report, please contact the NAB offices.


The NAB is the voice of South Africa's broadcasting industry. Our vision is to maintain an environment in which South Africa radio and television broadcasters can thrive - serving audiences and contributing to development and diversity...

The NAB's formation coincided with South Africa's democratisation and the freeing of the airwaves. Over the years NAB's membership growth has matched that of the industry to a point where we are representative of most sectors of South African broadcasting.

This representation means that we are able to draw on a wide range of resources when formulating submissions, representations and research.

We exist to represent the interests of South African broadcasting and we work to promote the following:

  • A broadcasting system that provides choice and diversity for audiences
  • A favorable climate for broadcasters to operate within
  • A broadcasting industry grounded in the principles of democracy, diversity and freedom of expression

Executive Committee

Chairs of all NAB committees are elected annually by NAB members. At the beginning of each year, a call for nominations is issued to all NAB members. After the closing date for nominations, a list of candidates is circulated to each committee member.

Committee meetings then elect the chairs and deputy chairs for the coming year. The NAB encourages leaders in the industry to participate in its structures and looks for knowledge of the industry, experience and commitment to broadcasting, in its office bearers.

The NAB Executive Committee (Exco) is the decision body and represents a range of players across the industry
The NAB Exco members for 2018 are:

NAB Chairpersons:

  • NAB Chairperson: Philly Moilwa
  • NAB Deputy Chairperson: Kwezi Mtengenya
  • NAB Finance Chairperson: Greg Clur 

Committees Chairs and Deputy Chairs

  • Television Committee Chair: Norman Munzhelele
  • Deputy Chair:  Gregory Clur
  • Commercial Radio Chair: Judy Monyela
  • Deputy Chair: Nomvuyiso Batyi
  • Community Radio Chair: Wilma van Schalkwyk
  • Deputy Chair: Lloyd Mudaria 
  • Technical Committee Chair: Frank Awuah
  • Deputy Chair: Andrew Pike

Co-opted Members

  • Lara Kantor
  • Bruce Mkhize
  • Kwezi Mtengenya
  • Ronald Reddy
  • Natano Brache
  • Lucy Diole
  • Collen Dlamini 
  • Lyndon Johnstone
  • Kopano Thage
  • Haseena Cassim

Television Committee

All South African television broadcasters are members of this  committee. The NAB TV committee meets quarterly and provides an opportunity for key decision makers in television to interact and co-operate on issues of mutual interest. 

  • Chairperson: Philly Moilwa
  • Deputy Chairperson: Gregory Clur 

NAB Team

Executive Director: Nadia Bulbulia
Executive Policy and Regulation: Tholoana Ncheke

Administrative Team:

  • PA/ Office Manager: Lois Motta-Marques
  • Administrative Assistant: Jeanette Mputle
  • Financial Manager: Tholakele Malinga

Commercial Radio Committee

The dynamism of the South African radio industry is reflected in the work of this hard-working NAB committee. The commercial and public radio committee meets regularly and brings together most of South Africa’s radio station managers. 

  • Chairperson: Judy Monyela
  • Deputy Chairperson: Nomvuyiso Batyi

Community Radio Committee

South Africa’s community radio sector is now well established but still faces immense challenges in achieving financial sustainability, operational and governance . The NAB’s community radio committee meets quarterly and provides a key support mechanism for community stations. 

  • Chairperson: Wilma van Schalkwyk
  • Deputy Chairperson: Lloyd Madurai 

Technical Committee

Issues relating to frequency planning, spectrum and standards are the mainstay of this committee, which meets monthly and brings together South Africa’s top broadcast engineers and signal distributors. This committee is very active in developing industry positions on technical matters, including increasing activity on convergence issues. The Committee  also established a Technical Engineering learnership programme that individual members support.

Chairperson: Frank Awuah 
Deputy Chairperson: Andrew Pike

Associate Membership

If you’re not a broadcaster but work in an industry related to broadcasting, you can join the NAB as an associate member. The NAB brings together a wide variety of interests in research, sales, advertising and consulting, all of whom find value in getting up to date information on developments in broadcasting.


In addition to the standing committees of the NAB, the NAB also has specialised subcommittees of Exco:

  • Skills Forum -  Chairperson, Natalie Delport
  • DAB+ Trial subcommittee - Chairperson, Dave Cherry



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