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NAB Submission on the ICASA Discussion Papers on Regional and Local Television

The NAB believes that the social goals set out in the Broadcasting Act, such as empowerment, diversity of services, universal access, and growth of local content, cannot be achieved without a thriving and a growing industry. It is therefore imperative that ICASA balance its social objectives with ensuring the viability and growth of the South African Broadcasting Industry. The NAB submits that it is not opposed to the licensing of LTV broadcasters or RTV broadcasters, and acknowledges the statutory requirements placed on ICASA in this regard. It is the NAB’s view however that ICASA must proceed with caution.


In Notice 2066 published in Government Gazette 25280 dated 31 July 2003, The Media Development and Diversity Agency (“MDDA”) published its Proposed Regulations in terms of section 22 of the Media Development and Diversity Agency Act, 2002 (“MDDA Act”). Interested parties were invited to submit written representations on the Proposed Regulations to the MDDA within 30 days of the publication of the notice. The Proposed Regulations is a preliminary step towards the MDDA fulfilling its obligations in terms of the objects of the MDDA Act.

The full submission is available on request.

NAB`s submission to ICASA discussion paper on Low Power Sound Broadcasting.

The NAB urges ICASA to take a holistic approach to the licensing of low power sound broadcasters and take into consideration the effect that a multitude of low power services might have on the radio sector. It is the NAB`s view that the licensing of full programming spectrum low power sound broadcasters requires careful consideration and should not be done hastily.

NAB Submission to ICASA's Discussion Paper on Ownership and Control of Broadcasting Services and Existing Commercial Sound Broadcasting Licences

In Notice 1825 published in Government Gazette 23873 dated 30 September 2002, The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa ("ICASA") published its Discussion Paper on the Review of Ownership and Control of Broadcasting Services and Existing Commercial Sound Broadcasting Licences ("the Discussion Paper"). Interested parties were invited to submit written representations on the Discussion Paper to ICASA by 6 December 2002. The Discussion Paper is a preliminary step towards ICASA fulfilling its obligations in terms of the objects of the IBA and the Broadcasting Acts and its stated purpose is to conduct a review.

Submission To The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee On Trade And Industry On The Merchandise Marks Amendment Bill

The NAB’s constituency has expressed concern in respect of the proposed amendments to the Merchandise Marks Act No 17 of 1941 which have been proposed in the Merchandise Marks Amendment Bill which was published in Government Gazette No 23958 of 18 October 2002. The NAB wishes to put numerous salient and critically important matters before the Portfolio Committee to ensure that to the extent that legislation is passed, it properly reflects not only the needs of event organisers and sponsors, but also the needs and the businesses of broadcasters in South Africa.

Contributions to the Universal Service Fund

Some of the members of the NAB may for the first time have to contribute to the Univeral Service Fund (USF) and although the NAB understands that the Act prescribes the manner in which the USF will be administered and the purposes of the USF, the NAB would nevertheless like to highlight the some important issues.

SAARF racism hearings

The NAB welcomes SAARF’s decision to hold the hearings. We believe SAARF’s willingness to open itself up to public scrutiny is a positive move which will hopefully assist in strengthening the credibility of SAARF among its stakeholders. We believe the results of the hearings should be fed into government’s process on the transformation of the advertising industry. We encourage SAARF to participate fully in this government process.

Media Development and Diversity Agency - 2002

The NAB supports government’s intention to promote media development and diversity. The NAB hopes that this intervention will facilitate the support of existing community radio stations and that it will enable the promotion and establishment of further stations. We have some brief comments and recommendations to make on the MDDA Bill.

Telecommunications Amendment Bill

The NAB stated that it wished to contribute to the Parliamentary process of the enactment of the Telecommunications Amendment Bill by placing its concerns regarding a number of provisions or omissions in the Bill in so far as they pertain directly or indirectly to broadcasting.



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