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Copyright Review Commission Report

  • 18 October 2012

In March 2011, the DTI established a Copyright Review Commission (the CRC), which was intended to address concerns by artists that royalties are not properly distributed to the rightful owners of copyright by collecting societies. The…

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ICASA's Chairperson Media Statement

  • 08 February 2012

The Chairman of ICASA has on 08 February 2012 issued a media statement setting out the regulatory certainty with regards to:

1.   The Ministerial Directive on Licensing of Combined
       800MHz and 2.6 GHz
2.   ICASA’s Review of the…

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The Minister amends the Broadcasting Digital Migration Policy

  • 07 February 2012

The Minister of Communications, Minister Dina Pule, has on 07 February 2012, published an Amendment of the Broadcasting Digital Migration (BDM)Policy. The initial BDM Policy was published in August 2008. The amendment has been necessitated…

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ICASA ITA for Sound Broadcasting in Primary Markets

  • 02 February 2012

The Authority has in accordance with section 9 of the ECA, issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for the commercial free to air sound broadcasting service licences, in primary markets. This time around ,the advertised frequencies are MW…

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ITA for sound broadcasting services in secondary markets

  • 02 February 2012

The Authority has published on 02 February, an invitation to interested parties to apply for commercial free to air sound broadcasting services in secondary markets. The identified markets are in the Northern Cape, the Free State as well as…

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ICASA's invitation to apply for pay TV

  • 02 February 2012

On 02 February, ICASA published a government gazette inviting interested parties to apply for subscription broadcasting services.  The closing date for applications is 11 July…

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  • 18 January 2012

On December 12th 2011, the Marketing Association of South Africa (“MASA”) circulated a letter to all Media Owner associations, and other interested stakeholders, headed “Pending Industry Crisis”. The attached open letter from the NAB is…

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